yuan (1)


1.Egg Rolls (2)$2.50
2.Fried Wonton (10) $3.50
3.Fantail Jumbo Shrimp (6)$7.99
4.Paper Wrapped Chicken (5)$3.99
5.Pot Stickers (6)$5.99
6.Shrimp Balls (4)$8.30
7.Cream Cheese Wonton (8)$5.99


10.Egg Drop Soup$2.25
11.Hot & Sour Soup$$2.25
12.Wonton Soup$2.99
13.Yang Chow Wonton Soup (for 2)$8.99


20.Chicken with Broccoli$8.99
21.Kung Po Chicken$8.99
22.Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.99
23.Sesame Chicken$8.99
24.General Tso's Chicken$8.99
25.Curry Chicken$8.99
26.Chicken with Cashew Nuts$8.99
27.Moo Goo Gai Pan$8.99
28.Chicken with Straw Mushrooms$8.99
29.Lemon Chicken$8.99
30.Shredded Chicken Szechuan Style$8.99
31.Spicy Chicken $8.99
32.Mu Shu Chicken (4 Crepes)$8.99
33.Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$8.99
34.Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$8.99
35.Chicken with Green Bean in Black Bean Sauce$9.99
36.Pon Pon Chicken$8.99
37.Orange Chicken$8.99


39.Beef with Green Bean in Black Bean Sauce $9.99
40.Beef with Broccoli$9.50
41.Mongolian Beef$9.50
42.Beef with Snow Peas$9.50
43.Pepper Beef with Tomato$9.50
44.Beef in Oyster Sauce$9.50
45.Beef in Garlic Sauce$9.50
46.Szechuan Style Beef$9.50
47.Beef with Mixed Vegetables$9.50
48.Sesame Beef $9.99
49.Hong Kong Style Beef$9.50
Beef with Brocoli
Beef with Brocoli


50.Sweet & Sour Pork $8.99
51.Roast Pork with Snow Peas$8.99
52.Mu Shu Pork$8.99
53.Shredded Pork Szechuan Style$8.99
54.Twiced Cooked Pork$8.99
55.Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables$8.99
Kung Po Shrimp
Kung Po Shrimp


58.Shrimp with Green Bean in Black Bean Sauce$10.99
59.Prawn in Tomato Sauce (Hong Kong Style)$12.95
60.Black Pepper Shrimp$10.20
61.Shrimp with Broccoli$10.20
62.Shrimp with Snow Peas$10.20
63.Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$10.20
64.Szechuan Style Shrimp$10.20
65.Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables$10.20
66.Sweet & Sour Shrimp$10.20
67.Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$10.20
68.Kung Po Shrimp$10.20
69.Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$10.20
70.Walnut Shrimp with Salad Dressing$12.99
71.Little World Four Treasures$11.99


72.Vegetable Deligh (Broccoli, baby corn, mushroom & snow peas)$7.50
73.Buddhas Supreme (Same as above with bean sprouts & sea mushroom)$7.50
74.Buddhas Supreme with Tofu$8.99
75.Braised Tofu & Assorted Vegetable$9.50
76.Black Mushroom & Bamboo Shoots$8.35
77.Sauteed Chinese Tender Greens (Yu Choy)$8.99
78.Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce$9.95
79.Two Kind of Mushrooms and Vegetables $10.99
80.Chinese Broccol, Tofu and Black Mushroom $10.99
81.Seasonal Fresh Chinese Vegetable (Choy Sum or On Choy)$8.99

Egg Foo Yung

82.Chicken Foo Yung$8.99
83.Ham Foo Yung$8.99
84.Roast Pork Foo Yung$8.99
85.Beef Foo Yung$8.99
86.Shrimp Foo Yung$10.20
87.Vegetable Foo Yung$8.50
Vegetable Delight
Vegetable Delight

Lo Mein

(Soft Stir Fried Noodles)
(Egg Noodle or Spaghettis Noodle)

90.Chicken Lo Mein$8.50
91.Beef Lo Mein$8.50
92.Roasted Pork Lo Mein$8.50
93.Shrimp Lo Mein$10.20
94.Vegetable Lo Mein$8.50
95.House Special Lo Mein$10.20
96.Oyster Sauce Lo Mein$6.99
97.Beef Stew Lo Mein8.50

Chow Mein

101.Chicken Chow Mein$8.50
102.Beef Chow Mein$8.50
103.Roast Pork Chow Mein$8.50
104.Shrimp Chow Mein$10.20
105.Vegetable Chow Mein$7.50
106.House Special Chow Mein$10.20

Pan Fried Noodles, Flat Noodles

109.Chicken Pan Fried Noodles$9.99
110.Beef Pan Fried Noodles$9.99
111.Shredded Pork Pan Fried Noodles$9.99
112.Shrimp Pan Fried Noodles$10.20
113.Seafood Pan Fried Noodles$10.20
114.House Special Pan Fried Noodles$10.20
115.Vegetable Pan Fried Noodles$8.99
116.Singapore Rice Noodles$9.99
117.Beef with Flat Noodles (Dry)$8.99
117a.Beef with Flat Noodles (Wet)$8.99
118House Special Flat Noodles (Dry or Wet)$10.99
119Seafood Flat Noodles (Dry or Wet)$10.99
120Beef with Flat Noodles over Black Bean Sauce$9.50

Fried Rice

121.Chicken Fried Rice $7.50
122.Ham Fried Rice$7.50
123.Roast Pork Fried Rice$7.50
124.Shrimp Fried Rice$8.50
125.Yang Chow Fried Rice (Pork, ham and shrimp)$8.50
126.Honeymoon Fried Rice (White & red rice with pork, shrimp &chicken)$10.99

Rice Plates

202.Roast Duck on Rice$9.99
203.Soy Sauce Chicken on Rice$8.99
204.Roast Pork on Rice$8.99
205.Spare Ribs on Rice$8.99
206.Beef Stew on Rice$8.99
207.Barbecue Combo of 2 on Rice (Choose 2 of: Duck, Ribs, Chicken, Char Shu)$9.99
208.Barbecue Combo of 3 on Rice (Choose 3 of: Duck, Ribs, Chicken, Char Shu)$10.99


210.BBQ Roast Duck (Half) $11.25
212.Soy Sauce Chicken$10.95
213.Steamed Chicken$10.95
214.Ginger & Green Onion Chicken (Half)$10.95
215.Roast Pork$8.99
216.Barbecue Spare Ribs $8.99
217.Barbecue Combination$12.95

Noodles Soup

220.Wontons in Supreme Soup$7.99
222.Wontons with Egg Noodles Soup$7.99
223.Wontons with Flat Noodles Soup$7.99
224.Wontons with Rice Noodles Soup$7.99
226.Beef Stew with Egg Noodles Soup or Flat Noodle$7.99
228.Wontons, Beef Stew and Egg Noodles Soup$8.99
229.Roast Duck with Egg Noodles Soup$8.99
230.Roast Duck, Wontons and Egg Noodles Soup$8.99
231.Seafood with Egg Noodles Soup$8.99
232.House Special Egg Noodles Soup$8.99
233.Chicken with Egg Noodles Soup$8.99
234.Roast Pork with Egg Noodles Soup$8.99
235.Vegetable with Egg Noodles Soup$7.99

Rice Soup

240.Seafood Rice Soup$8.99
241.Fish Rice Soup$8.99
242.Pork & Preserved Egg Rice Soup $7.99
243.Beef Rice Soup$7.99
244.Chicken Rice Soup$7.99
Roast Duck with Egg Noodles Soup
Roast Duck with Egg Noodles Soup

Chef 's Specialties

250.Beef with Tofu$9.50
251.Deep Fried Tofu$12.99
253.Shrimp with Diced Tofu$9.99
254.Steamed Tofu with Seafood$14.50
255.Tofu & Ground Pork w/ Pickled Cabbage Hot Pot$8.99
256.Chinese Broccoli with Beef $10.99
257.Chinese Broccoli with Seafood$13.50
259.Pork with Preserved Vegetables$8.99
260.Ground Pork with Green Bean$9.99
261.Green Bean with Beef$9.99
262.Green Bean with Chicken in Black Bean Sauce$9.99
263.Black Pepper Pork Chop in Hot Plate$9.99
264.Peking Spare Ribs$9.99
265.Spicy Salt Baked Spare Ribs$9.99
266.Spicy Salt Baked Squid$10.99
267.Spicy Salt Baked Shrimp$12.99
268.Jumbo Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce$12.99
271.Preserved Cabbage with Fish Fillets$10.99
272.Preserved Cabbage with Squid$10.99
273.Chinese Fresh Vegetables with Squid $10.99
274.Squid with Black Bean Sauce$10.99
275.Fish and Fresh Vegetables$10.99
276.Sauteed Seafood$13.50
277.Clam in Black Bean Sauce$13.50
279.Assorted Vegetables & Meat Pot $10.99
280.Buddha Vegetables & Tofu Pot$10.99
282.Shrimp Balls & Black Mushroom Pot$13.50
283.Shrimp Balls & Tofu Pot$13.50
285.Beef Stew in Pot$10.99
286.Preserved Vegetables with Chinese Bacon in Pot$10.99
287.Taro with Chinese Bacon in Pot$10.99
288.Assorted Seafood & Vermicelli Noodles in Pot$13.99
289.Egg Plant & Shredded Pork in Hot Pot$10.99
290.Egg Plant Stuff with Shrimp$13.50
291.Anchovy & Chicken Fried Rice$8.99
292.Assorted Vegetables, Meat & Seafood $10.99
293.Steamed Sea Bass Seasonal Price
295.Sauteed Green Onion with Beef$9.50
296.Crab Meat & Fish Stomach Soup$14.95
chili (1)

Denote Hot & Spicy


yuan (1)
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer $1.45
Ice Tea, Hot Tea$0.85